Friday, August 3, 2012

Nasi Goreng

I'm a big fan of Asian rice recipes and I found this recipe for Nasi Goreng over in Dutch-Indo Kitchen

Since there was no photo to go with the recipe, I added this one from google.


A little of bacon cut in strips (if you do not like bacon, you can let go)
Sausage either beef or pork whichever you prefer, cut in small pieces
1 small onion, cut up...
1 small fresh garlic
a teaspoon of sambal oelek (= Indonesian hot Chili sauce)
2 eggs
a handful of green onions, cut in small pieces
2 medium size tomatoes
a little kecap manis (= Indonesian Sweet Soya sauce)
a little of salt
a little of Mrs. Dash
a little of Pepper
2 cups of rice (any kind you like) cooked and let stand for a little to cool off.

  1. Cook rice first (or you can use left over steamed rice from the night before)
  2. In a wok/wajan brown the bacon
  3. Add the onions and garlic until it is somewhat brown
  4. Add the sausages until it's a little brown
  5. Add 2 eggs, scramble until somewhat hard
  6. Add 1 teaspoon Sambal Oelek (Use to your taste, if you like it hot, add more, if you do not want it hot, omit it, or just use a little)
  7. Add the rice 
  8. Stir around to mix everything 
  9. Add the Kecap Manis, about 1 tablespoon or to taste
  10. Stir well until all the rice is covered
  11. Add the spices, salt, pepper, Mrs. Dash and taste your Nasi Goreng 
  12. Add whatever you think you need more of
  13. The last 2 things you add are the green onions and cut up tomatoes 
  14. Stir everything well.
You can eat it with over-easy eggs on top of the Nasi Goreng 
You can serve anything with it.
You can make it with Chicken, shrimp or beef too.

Selamat makan!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bubur Biji Ketapang or Bubur Biji Salak

Bubur Biji Ketapang (in Sumatra) or Bubur Biji Salak (in Java) are Indonesian Sweet Potato Dumpling.  Both are the same sweet snack and made from sweet potato. 
Bubur means porridge while biji means seed. Ketapang is a Terminalia catappa  plant with many different common names such as Bengal almond, Singapore almond, Ebelebo, Malabar almond, Indian almond, Tropical almond, Sea almond, Beach Almond, Talisay tree, and Umbrella tree. Salak (Salacca zalacca) is a palm tree (family Arecaceae) species native to Indonesia and known as snakefruit.
For those who know bubur candil, don’t get confused! Bubur Candil is similar to Bubur Biji Ketapang or Bubur Biji Salak but without sweet potato added.
The sweetness can be adjusted to your tastebuds. The original recipe from yasaboga suggested to add another 2 tablespoons of raw canesugar beside 7 ounces coconut or palm sugar.
Baking, instead of steaming the sweet potatoes resulted in less water inside the sweet potatoes and less tapioca or sago starch to be added. The taste of sweet potatoes were also sweeter.

1.7 lbs sweet potatoes
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
4.2 oz sago or tapioca flour
1/4 teaspoon vanilla powder
6 cups water
7 oz. coconut or palm sugar (Palm sugar has a darker result)
3 pandan leaves
1 tablespoon sago/tapioca flour, dissolved in a small amount of water
Coconut Milk Sauce
1.5 cups thick coconut milk
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
1 pandan leaf


Sweet Potato Balls
1. Wash sweet potatoes, wrap each potato in aluminum foil. Bake, folded side of foil up, at 400° F for 45 minutes to 1 hour or until a fork easily presses into the center. If you like to go faster you can microwave them and it will take you about 15 minutes.
2. Let sweet potatoes cool down and the skin will come off easily. Once the skin is off, transfer into a bowl and mash until smooth.
3. Remove 1/4 of mashed sweet potatoes to another smaller bowl and combine with 1 tablespoon sago/tapioca flour mixture. Set aside.
4. Mix the 3/4 part with sago/tapioca flour, vanilla powder and salt. Knead until well-blended and form into small oval balls.
5. In a pot, combine water, palm sugar and pandan leaves. Bring to a boil. Place in the oval-balls and continue to boil until all balls float. Add the sweet potatoes sago/tapioca mixture. Stir. Remove from the heat and pour thick coconut milk sauce on top.
Coconut Milk Sauce:
In a saucepan, combine thick coconut milk with salt and pandan leaves. Simmer and stir at low heat until boiling. Remove from heat and ready for sauce.